Testimonials From Organizations and Participants

"John succeeded in creating the safe and comfortable space for the participants.  I felt he was watching over us fondly.  He was sensitive and careful to listen to the participants voices, which allowed us to go into the inner journey with him smoothly.  It was so fun that I felt that one day passed so quickly but the day ended with satisfaction (I could see that from every participant's face too) as it was a fruitful and rich day in which we could discover a lot.  John's experience and his warm personality made it possible."

Sachi Nakano, MA, RDT, (Japan Drama Therapy Institute-Tokyo, Japan)

"John quickly established a relaxed atmosphere that put people at ease and in a supportive relationship to each other. In a matter of hours, he enabled participants to confront some of the deepest issues underlying their patterns of overwork. This workshop was life changing for me."

Vanessa Daniel,  Executive Director (Gr
oundswell Fund-Oakland, CA.)


"My most extended work with John has been in the context of the Ambassadors of Hope program of our Veterans of Hope Project.  In that intensive, inter-generational work with a multiracial cohort of vulnerable  young people over several years, John displayed a great sense of compassion, creativity and wisdom which seem to mark all of his life and work."

Dr. Vincent Harding, Co-Founder/Chairperson (Veterans Of Hope Project and Ambassadors Of Hope Project-Denver-CO)


"John has provided over 20 trainings and workshops for the Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic over the past 5 years.  John brings a high level of professionalism as well as a great warmth and compassion to his work as a diversity/cultural competency trainer.  Combining his background in psychology with his passion for social justice and personal transformation, John makes it safe for our staff and volunteers to explore the intensely personal issues of racism, sexism, homophobia and all areas of difference, while skillfully moving groups through a process of growth, consciousness raising and change.  We are delighted to have him as a long term consultant, supporting us in our mission."

Krista Alderson, Executive Director
(Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic-Oakland, CA)


"Introduction to Theater of The Oppressed: Theater Techniques to Address Issues of Equity and Social Justice in the Classroom" workshop taught by John Scott, MA.

"As a person who has worked in the theatre for over thirty years, I recognize the power of this art form for social engagement and creative expression. Theatre is a hands-on methodology for learning collaboration, storytelling, active listening, physical and intellectual improvisation.

Having studied with John Scott, the instructor of this workshop, I had experienced a few of the Theatre of the Oppressed forms; Image Theatre, Forum Theatre, Rainbow Theatre and Legislative Theatre. We opened with a sound and movement activity where each person said their name and performed an action with a sound that represented them. Everyone else in the group repeated the name and the sound as closely as possible.

Seemingly silly but in actuality, we were introducing ourselves in ways that revealed aspects of our personalities. We performed an exercise from Image Theatre that was particularly relevant for my role as a professor in The Visual and Public Art Department. Inner and outer circles of "performers" faced each other. The inner circle was the "artists" and the outer circle the "clay(s)". John Scott said a theme, and the "artists" molded the "clay(s)" into a shape representing the theme. Several methods of sculptural molding were suggested by the facilitator; the "artists" could move the body parts of the "clay" or the "artist" could show the shape to the "clay" who would imitate it or both methods could be used. Both partners had to agree about the methodology that would be used. As an instructor who tries to be mindful about my student's physical and emotional boundaries, I appreciated the safety provided by giving the participants several choices. This is definitely an exercise that I will "audition" in my Pro Seminar and Senior capstone classes as a way to bring art, performance and theater together for community building and fun."

Stephanie Johnson, PhD: (Professor/Lighting Designer/Artist, Cal State Monterey Bay)